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Fixation of distal biceps ruptures using the endobutton: A modified technique

Cutbush K, Roberts C, Duke PFR, Mitchell M, and Ross M
Proceedings of the 9th Congress of the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand, Budapest Hungary 2004; 721-724.
ISBN: 88-7587-051-9.

We reviewed thirty-two patients who underwent operative fixation of distal bicep ruptures.  All patients were clinically reviewed at a minimum of 6 months (average 29 months) from surgery.  The operative technique utilised the Endobutton (Smith and Nephew) and is a substantial modification of that published by Greg Bain (JSES 2000: 9(2): 120-126).  Thirty of the thirty-two patients had PRWE scores of mean average 8.  Cybex testing demonstrates good return of strength when compared to the uninjured side.  We believe that these modifcations to Dr Bain's technique offer a viable alternative with some benefits.



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